Our high quality pool services...

Custom Designed Gunite Pools ­ Gunite Pools are permanent structures, reinforced pools with concrete and plaster instead of liners. They can be built in any shape and finished with plaster or pebble applications, allowing for full creativity.

Infinity Edge Pools ­ Also called negative edge, zero edge, "disappearing edge," or vanishing edge pool. These swimming pools produce a vanishing effect along one edge of the pool, creating the illusion of extending into the horizon. Some of the most luxurious pools around with world utilize this effect.

Beach Entrance ­ Let Nature be your guide! Beach entry pools have a gradual slope into the pool rather than steps.

Gunite Slides ­ Don´t be limited to pre-constructed pool slides. Gunite pool slides allow for creative design and can be worked in with your landscape or simply provide a unique pool slide.

Remodeling ­ We offer remodeling services for pre-existing pools. Contact us today for more information on your particular structure.

Service and Repairs ­ We offer service and repairs on swimming pools built by Huffine Pools, so you’re never left high and dry.

Spas ­ Don´t limit your pool design to just swimming. We can install custom spas adjacent to your pool, or separately.

Water Features and Fountains ­ Transform your swimming pool into a luxurious paradise. Our water features add style and elegance to your pool design.

Waterfalls, Rock Waterfalls ­ Allow your pool to take on a tropical feel. Waterfalls and naturally shaped rock waterfalls add elegance and sophistication to your swimming pool experience.

Stone and Brickwork ­ We don´t just stop in design and installation services. We offer stonework and brickwork to polish your pool design. These features help add a natural look and feel to your swimming pool.

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